Sunday, May 8, 2016

It's A Sneaker Thing Part 6 - More MAG Mods.

Just when I think I am all done on these shoes, I tinker and come up with something new.  I am back to #GlowInTheDark for the illumination in the strap and soles because I (once again) broke wires and just do not have the patience to keep repairing these.  Whilst I do enjoy modding these, I view repairs as counter productive.   

Clear Soles
I am now making these in 3 different sizes that fit all the replica MAG shoe sizes.  

New Super Bright Glow Kits

The actual colour of the glow kits (and the EL used in the real shoes) is CYAN which is equal amounts of green and blue light.  Normally, photos of the light tends to bias the blue [top image] and I was finally able to capture the true colour [2nd image].  These are mixed at 50% per volume which is way more than the recommended 15% per volume.  Adding this much glow powder makes the mix yellow, so I add a drop of Royal Blue translucent pigment to tint the mix more blue.  The cool thing is that the colour of the mix when not charged is now the same colour as it is when it is fully charged.    

Full Sized Decals
 I was always bothered by the undersized letters on the heel cups.  I had attempted to make (hand cutting) letters and in the end, I decided to get letters machined.  When I make these kits, I degas the polyurethane (which I tint to the correct colour first) in the molds and this gives be 100% bubble free parts.  

 New Ankle Buckles
I have used the CP-3D printed part for ages.  The part is well made, but has always been over sized.  The original rubber part is a nice size, just too flat.  One of the first things I ever made to mod these shoes was back from the MP MAG days when I made a vacuum formed part.  I recently used these parts to make a new master part that I molded and cast.  

After a few experiments, I decided to make these from a hard plastic instead of a soft rubber.  The reason is, the rigid part is not only stronger, it adds support to the back of the ankle.  
Nicely Proportioned

So far I have made custom Clear Soles, Heel Cups, decals, LED bubbles, and now  the new ankle buckles.  Each part has been designed to not only bring the look of the shoe closer to the screen used shoes, but to also keep the look of the shoe balanced from sole to cuff.  These new ankle buckles really complete this look.