Sunday, June 1, 2008

How To Make Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta is simply eggs and flour. Making fresh pasta takes some skill, but once mastered, is simple to make time and time again. When working out portion sizes, the rule of thumb is one egg per person and then as much plain flour [do not use self raising flour] as the mix will take.

How you mix it is up to you. When I was first shown how, I was told to make a hollow into the flour and gradually mix the flour into the beaten eggs. In the end of the day, it really doesn't make or break the recipe, so long as the mix is the right consistency. When the mix is right, the pasta should not stick to anything like the mixing bowl or table. It should be like a dough and should be moist enough not to crumble.
The Pasta Machine
These are not too expensive [shop around] and the good ones are actually made in Italy. This device is both a roller and cutter. The roller portion has several thickness settings and you start at 1 and work through until you reach the desired thickness you want. The sheets on the table behind were taken through at the thinnest setting of 7. At this setting, the pasta is thin enough to see through, but if mixed and needed correctly, is surprisingly tough and will not easily tear.

The cutter on this machine allows two styles of noodle. There are other attachments [sold separately] that allow you to make ravioli and gnocchi. Once you have finished making the pasta, it needs to dry before you can cook it. The best method I have found is to freeze it.

When cooking fresh pasta, you need to have the salted water boiling rapidly. The pasta does not take long, and will be cooked in minutes. Basically, boil the water, add the pasta which will sink, then as the water comes back to the boil, the pasta will float, and that is pretty much done. No 20 minutes of boiling here! Drain well and mix with a fresh pasta sauce. Enjoy!!!


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