Thursday, August 1, 2013

Movie Props

As I have always been a fan of the movies.  Recently I decided to start a replica prop collection.  My first replica props was acquired back when I was just 18 [RAMBO III knife].  So whilst my collection is small, it is growing and the purpose of this blog is to share some of the items I've collected so far.


A NEW HOPE TK 1:1 Stormtrooper 'buckets'.  These were a work in progress at the time of the image capture but are all finished now.  As I am a member of the 501st [31138] I will eventually buy the entire armour kit. These are an 'AP' [Authenty Props] '2 piece' helmet apparently made from the original forms used in 1976.  One of the buckets belongs to my wife who has lovingly hand painted the 'frown' and 'decoder' and is part way through doing the ears.  
She is also a member of the 501st [TK41138] has already purchased her full armour.  Together over 4 months we built her a fully wearable Stormtrooper suit.    
 A mini ATST [All Terrain Scout Transort] from the film RETURN OF THE JEDI.  This is a Hasbro vintage release based on the original Kenner toy line, just way more detailed.  i also have the AT-AT from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.  

I have several miniature space craft from the 6 SW films as well as these action figures.  I wanted the original 12 and found these more detailed versions and decided not to get the vintage figures.  

BACK TO THE FUTURE II was a fun film that took product placement to a whole new level.  There are so many props based on real brands in that film's future sequence including NIKE, Pizza Hut, Pepsi and Matel.  

I wanted to get a MATTEL Hover Board to display these shoes on and found one on eBay for $99.00.
The NIKE AIR MAG was probably the shoe responsible for the whole Hi-Top craze in the late 80's/early 90's.  These are a replica of those shoes and have now been severely modified to be morescreen accurate.  
Dehydrated Pizza
The dehydrated Pizza was something I made because it was one prop in that film at stood out as a cool collectible item.


The top image is of all the knives released from the four films.  Above is the famed 'mission' knife with a Jade Budda.  There are several modifications needed to make this collection screen accurate.    

These are items that came with the DVD [statues of the Kings] and Blu-ray box sets [the ONE RING] of the films.  

This is my latest addition.  Sonny, the special prototype NS5 created to set things right.  He is quite detailed with a removable rear head cover and has a special disc storage section.  

This was released with the 3D version of the classic 80's film PREDATOR.  It is not 100% accurate and is only 75% of the proper size, but it is pretty cool.  The Bio lifts off to reveal the creature underneath.    

More to come...